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Café Del Chillia is a Solo artist. His music production is almost on live Daw Ableton and virtual instruments, but also with keyboard controller for DAW, Piano and Drums. Sampler and sequencer are used in the production proces.
The focus of his music production takes a big dimension, to reach out all funs, supporters and poeple who loves Chill, Lounge and all kinds of music that are the result of mixing with other styles of music arts, like jazz, reggae, vocals and world music without frontier. The fusion of music is here and be always one of the fundamental of arts in the music production. Also a DJ track can be realized as a dance or chill house tempo. As far as good Café Del Chillia is concerned about what his fun likes to hear and enjoys.

Have fun and enjoy.
Café Del Chillia

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Café Del Chillia
The Netherlands
About Artist:

Café Del Chillia is an artist producer for TV, internet, Video motions and more.. all the works are based on Chillout, Lounge, dance and instrumental tracks. This artist is launching his carriêre sinds 2006 on Jamendo as independant artist, and grow up to a nice level. Inspired by Café Del Mar, Balnk&Jones, Schiller..and more. He created his own musical fusion for his funs.

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